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mediterranean-food-columbia-missouriI have spent years learning how to prepare Mediterranean Food.  It was actually embedded in my genetic code at birth.  My mother was a wonderful cook and so my training was not formal, nor was it much like training… it was merely helping “Mom” out around the house.  Sure I did all of the “boy things” that all of the neighborhood boys were doing as well, but I really enjoyed the food and how it was prepared.  There’s something about making Mediterranean food for people that really appreciate it… it’s a great feeling.

That feeling carried over on my travels around the world. I learned different techniques and preparations for the different styles of foods for the different regions of the world I visited.  Mediterranean Food turned into “World Food” and I began embracing it more and more.  A staple of my life was always coffee, and coffee didn’t seem like preparation to me at all… it actually seemed natural like breathing.  I didn’t learn the techniques for making coffee so much as I learned flavor profiles.

I started creating mixed specialty espresso drinks, with different flavor concepts so that anyone and everyone could enjoy the same thing I did.  It was in The United States that I got my first true taste of how amazing it was to be able to serve a line of people and have them all enjoy the product I put out.  San Fransisco was a great stepping stone for me but Columbia has become the place that I have truly gotten to showcase my talent and passion.

Mediterranean Food is as much about sharing culture as it is breaking bread.  When people try our Gyro or Felafel or any of our wonderful creations for the first time, we love the expressions on their face.  We love sharing the flavors with everyone and seeing the reactions.  That’s one of the reasons we walk around the Coffee Zone and let people sample new creations.  We love the feedback… and we look for that “WOW” face… if we don’t get it, we realize we need to put a little more effort into it before it becomes a regular menu item.

Mediterranean Food is as much a part of the Coffee Zone as coffee even though it’s not in the name.  We love and welcome feedback, so next time you’re in, please let us know what you think.  Or visit any of the review sites like Google, or Yelp, or Urban Spoon. We are hoping to be the best Mediterranean food restaurant in Columbia, MO.


  1. posted by Nadegda on August 11, 2012 at 12:02 am

    Mediterranean Europeans show their pride in their European heritage, and align thsveelmes with other European countries. North Africans and Middle Easterners show pride in being North African and Middle Eastern and align thsveelmes with each other. However, rarely do you hear Mediterraneans aligning thsveelmes with other MediterraneansMediterranean countries have shared a common history for thousands of years, and have created some of the greatest civilizations the World has ever known, such as Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt.Why don’t these countries show pride in their common Mediterranean heritage?@Nev,You misunderstood; I’m not saying people aren’t proud to be Italian or Greek or whatever. I know MANY are.I’m saying most align thsveelmes with other Europeans. Which they should, but I don’t understand why they don’t align thsveelmes with other Mediterraneans when the countries from this region share a long history together.


    • posted by Samir on October 22, 2012 at 5:06 am

      If its dry it can be in there all night when you set it up before going to bed. Or get one of those cofefe pods that has premeasured amounts in it. Im more of a tea or hot chocolate person sorry its not better help. Only if your cofefe grouinds where wet would you have a problem. Leave the grounds dry and fill the water well, if oy have a timer set it, if not just leave a note on your alarm clock to flip the switch as soon as you get to the kitchen, so its brewing while your waking up and getting ready for the day.


      • posted by Haci on January 18, 2013 at 12:02 pm

        coffee beans that are ground start going stale imeatiedmly. It literally takes only 15 minutes for coffee beans to lose a large part of their taste after they’ve been ground. When you buy instant or preground coffee, you are getting a product that has already been ground for months, and will taste extremely stale and gross. People who buy things like foldgers or starbucks grounds only do so because they haven’t yet tasted good fresh coffee beans. That’s why I bought a grinder and only buy whole beans from the Zone, though they do grind it for you if you want… I just prefer a fresher tasting coffee.


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