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Coffee Press

Coffee lovers agree; there`s nothing like a coffee press for bringing out the full flavor of ground coffee beans. A coffee press, also known as a French press, works by steeping the ground coffee in nearly boiling water, which in turn releases the beans` essential oils. This simple method makes for a robust, flavorful cup of coffee that`s hard to equal using any other method.

Using a coffee press is amazingly simple; the hardest part is timing everything just right. A coffee press is also considerably less expensive than an automatic coffeemaker and, as many coffee enthusiasts will contend, the manual press variety yields much better results.

Here are a few simple steps to help you get started on making your own coffee press brew. Before you start, it`s a good idea to determine how much you`re going to drink right away, because coffee will quickly lose its fresh flavor if it`s left sitting in a press.

Coffee Press Step-by-step directions

1) In a kettle or saucepan, heat the amount of water you`ll need. Make sure that it heats to just under the boiling point between 190 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit so that the oils and flavor will be fully extracted from the coffee.

2) While the water is heating, pour the amount of coffee you`ll need into your coffee press. Use a tablespoon or coffee scoop to measure the right amount. Typically, experts recommend using a heaped tablespoon of coarse ground coffee for every five ounces of water, but if you want a stronger brew, you can use a bit more.

3) Slowly pour the hot water over the coffee grounds; filling the carafe according to the amount of coffee you`ll be drinking. If it`s a four-cup carafe and you want four cups of coffee, fill it to the highest level; if you want only two cups, then fill it halfway full.

4) After pouring the water, gently stir the mixture with a wooden spoon or a chopstick. Make sure it reaches to the bottom of the carafe to pull up all the grinds. Don`t use a metal utensil, as it could crack the glass.

5) Fit the lid/plunger on the top of the carafe, but don`t plunge it yet; first, let the coffee steep for around four minutes.

6) Gently push the plunger all the way down until it reaches the bottom of the carafe. If the plunger sticks, then don`t force it, as this could cause the glass to shatter or the scalding water to shoot out of the carafe. Instead, skim off some of the grinds with a spoon and try again until the plunger goes down easily.

7) Pour and enjoy!

It`s important to remember that all coffee presses are not alike. Although the design may seem utterly simple, some coffee presses are made with higher quality, thermal-tempered glass that`s more resistant to heat damage and everyday usage. Likewise, some coffee presses have hard plastic silver tone carafe tops, while others have heavy duty stainless steel and even copper tops.

The type of coffee press you choose should depend on how often you`ll use it, as well as your budget. If you won`t be using it for entertaining, you can get by just fine with a less expensive model, but if you`re planning to use it on the table after a dinner party, you may want to invest in an elegant copper-topped model. Generally speaking, as long as the lid is secure, the heat-tempered glass is durable and the strainer mechanism is well constructed, a less expensive coffee press should work as well as an expensive one.

Besides a coffee press, you could check out other equipment

If you`re looking at or other sources for equipment, you`re off to a good start, because when it comes to kitchen equipment, it pays to educate yourself. By doing a little online research, you`ll be able to better determine the type of equipment you want for your kitchen needs, whether you`re looking for a coffee press or a full scale espresso machine.

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