Coffee Prescription

Coffee Prescription

A coffee prescription is something I’ve been waiting for from my physician for a very long time unfortunately it’s never been granted. I’ve asked for one in jest about every time I’ve gone to see my physician for almost a year… and it wasn’t until recently that I thought about this long and hard. While I had been joking about getting a coffee prescription, it never occurred to me how great an idea this was.

Coffee Prescription

There are several reasons why coffee would be a great pharmaceutical.

1. Coffee has caffeine, caffeine is a stimulant, a stimulant keeps you awake… it’s an anti-sleeping medication

2. Caffeine is an appetite suppressant… forget diet pills!

3. Caffeine opens up the capillaries which increases blood flow and therefore acts as a way to decrease headaches… forget aspirin

4. Caffeine has an almost euphoric effect in that it is a mood elevator making you feel happier, and allows you to cope with otherwise debilitating problems… it’s an anti-depressant.

So a coffee prescription is not too far off in all actuality. The good news is we don’t need a coffee prescription to enjoy the wonderful affects of this miracle drug… in fact, we don’t need to see a doctor at all. Enjoying a cup of Joe at the beginning, middle, or end of your morning can actually create a wonderful rest of the day.

Most of us that live, breath and bleed coffee already know that life without the stuff is not near as good as life with it. A caffeine buzz is exhilarating yet controllable and usually without much negative side-effect (bar not being able to go to sleep when you want or need to). In fact, coffee is downright amazing when you think about it.

Little problems, little known negative side-effects… in fact, other than not being able to sleep I can’t think of a single one. Benjamin Franklin would make this list to make decisions. He would put positives on one side and negatives on the other… I can think of one negative which is cancelled out by it’s opposite positive but way more positives to boot.

So if you think you need a coffee prescription, we actually found a mug to make you feel better. While it isn’t sporting the Coffee Zone logo we still feel it is hilarious! I personally am glad we don’t need a coffee prescription in the United States but if we did I assure you I would have my physician on speed dial.

Coffee Prescription

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