Coffee and Online marathon Gaming

Coffee and computers have gone hand in hand for decades, and it’s no surprise that coffee and online games are the new favorite combo. Coffee has become a necessity in the new trend we’ve noticed of live feeds of online marathon gaming. In fact, streaming video of online marathon gaming is becoming so common that many of the people we’ve encountered that do this say they watch an average of 3 to 4 hours of gaming per month and play almost that much themselves a day.

Online gaming may seem like a waste of time to some, but to many people it’s a form of entertainment, an escape similar to Television, Movies, or books and it promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills. Coffee stimulates us, keeps us awake, and gives us a boost. If you plan on online marathon gaming, coffee may be your drink of choice.

Coffee random fact:

In some cases of ADHD, coffee is used in place of prescription medication to help the patient.

A great example of online marathon gaming locally is who had their last livestream on September 1st, 2012. They find that the people that watch their livestreams are doing so to get tips and clues, and to “be included” in a fun environment. They don’t script out what they’re doing at, instead they just go have fun and interact with each other like they normally would. Coffee may or may not play a part in their fun, but one thing is for sure 24 hours is a long time to stay awake if you don’t have coffee.

Coffee doesn’t just work for online marathon gaming, it is also a favorite of role playing gamers. Gamers of all types actually have been using coffee to stimulate their creativity, their awareness and stimulate enough to maintain long periods of time of gaming.

Parents, I know you may think that your kids are “wasting” time by gaming, but the fact is that gaming is a creative outlet, and the fact that many of them are able to do things like marathons proves they do have an attention span that can be used to increase their grades. While you rarely see espresso being served at a gaming function, or coffee shops full of wide-eyed gaming “geeks” trapped behind their computer, you do see them walking into the Coffee Zone to buy pounds of different types of coffee to add variety to their event while still keeping the stimulating effects of caffeine flowing.

The Coffee Zone does not endorse the over-indulgence of anything except coffee (this is a joke people, please don’t send me hate mail saying that I am pushing people to over-indulge, we are really responsible people, we love our customers, and would do almost anything for them… well, not anything but close, I mean if you need a bail bondsman we would send you to a reputable one, or if you needed your air ducts cleaned we know someone that does that, but we wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, and I know for a fact that it takes a lot of coffee to do harm and actually I don’t think the human body could take in that much coffee so anyway)… so please game in moderation! Maybe we’ll soon see a coffee bar at online gaming events, but for the time being I think we’ll just see the old standard coffee pot or french press… maybe some chocolate covered espresso beans or someone simply eating a spoonful of nescafe!

Just an FYI for down the road, if you’re thinking about having an online marathon gaming event, you might want to try to mix up the coffees that you offer. We could also suggest some Torani shots to add different flavors or some preparation techniques that will get your hardcore gaming buddies juiced in a fun and flavorful way. Coffee doesn’t need to be bland (though I drink Rocket Fuel without any additives) if you don’t want it to be. Add half and half for a rich flavor, add raw sugar for a delicious twist, and don’t forget to put Torani syrup shots in to add different flavors. Caramel and other flavors can really enhance the whole coffee experience.

Try to make sure to get some extra sleep before you go to an online marathon gaming event and take plenty of coffee with you. Also, don’t plan on driving soon afterward as you will need your sleep before operating heavy machinery. While we do make light of several situations, we are pretty serious about this one. Take the precautions necessary to be safe, enjoy yourself, and make sure those around you enjoy themselves as well.

If you would like tips or advice on putting on an online marathon gaming event contact Island of Gamers

Cool things that gamers are doing in the community

Coffee random fact:

when I was younger, my mother said coffee could put me to sleep where hot cocoa would get me hyper.

Coffee is great for staying awake but it also helps with other health benefits. Stay tuned to our blog to find out more of the positive things about coffee and more of what’s happening around you in Mid-Missouri that you may not have otherwise known about. The Coffee Zone’s “Coffee Chronicles” are sure to have something for everyone in them.


  1. posted by michael kort on September 11, 2012 at 9:01 am

    I have gone on “marathon gaming” events and I find that it’s a lot of fun. Thanks for letting people konw about this.


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    • posted by Connor on October 21, 2012 at 2:24 pm

      I just wanted to make a suggestion to all of you out there that are reading this page and haven’t been to the Coffee Zone downtown… go and take a date… it’s a great place for a conversation and if you’re on a date what more could you want?!?!


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    Coffee, coffee and more coffee! That’s what I love about the Coffee Zone!!!! Gaming is a way of LIFE, thanks for recognizing gamers ability to do more than just sit in front of a computer, we do help out others in the community… great article!


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