Coffee Prescription

Coffee Prescription

A coffee prescription is something I’ve been waiting for from my physician for a very long time unfortunately it’s never been granted. I’ve asked for one in jest about every time I’ve gone to see my physician for almost a year… and it wasn’t until recently that I thought about this long and hard. While I had been joking about getting a coffee prescription, it never occurred to me how great an idea this was.

Coffee Prescription

There are several reasons why coffee would be a great pharmaceutical.

1. Coffee has caffeine, caffeine is a stimulant, a stimulant keeps you awake… it’s an anti-sleeping medication

2. Caffeine is an appetite suppressant… forget diet pills!

3. Caffeine opens up the capillaries which increases blood flow and therefore acts as a way to decrease headaches… forget aspirin

4. Caffeine has an almost euphoric effect in that it is a mood elevator making you feel happier, and allows you to cope with otherwise debilitating problems… it’s an anti-depressant.

So a coffee prescription is not too far off in all actuality. The good news is we don’t need a coffee prescription to enjoy the wonderful affects of this miracle drug… in fact, we don’t need to see a doctor at all. Enjoying a cup of Joe at the beginning, middle, or end of your morning can actually create a wonderful rest of the day.

Most of us that live, breath and bleed coffee already know that life without the stuff is not near as good as life with it. A caffeine buzz is exhilarating yet controllable and usually without much negative side-effect (bar not being able to go to sleep when you want or need to). In fact, coffee is downright amazing when you think about it.

Little problems, little known negative side-effects… in fact, other than not being able to sleep I can’t think of a single one. Benjamin Franklin would make this list to make decisions. He would put positives on one side and negatives on the other… I can think of one negative which is cancelled out by it’s opposite positive but way more positives to boot.

So if you think you need a coffee prescription, we actually found a mug to make you feel better. While it isn’t sporting the Coffee Zone logo we still feel it is hilarious! I personally am glad we don’t need a coffee prescription in the United States but if we did I assure you I would have my physician on speed dial.

Coffee Prescription

Columbia MO Local Media Experts

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coffee press

Coffee Press

Coffee lovers agree; there`s nothing like a coffee press for bringing out the full flavor of ground coffee beans. A coffee press, also known as a French press, works by steeping the ground coffee in nearly boiling water, which in turn releases the beans` essential oils. This simple method makes for a robust, flavorful cup of coffee that`s hard to equal using any other method.

Using a coffee press is amazingly simple; the hardest part is timing everything just right. A coffee press is also considerably less expensive than an automatic coffeemaker and, as many coffee enthusiasts will contend, the manual press variety yields much better results.

Here are a few simple steps to help you get started on making your own coffee press brew. Before you start, it`s a good idea to determine how much you`re going to drink right away, because coffee will quickly lose its fresh flavor if it`s left sitting in a press.

Coffee Press Step-by-step directions

1) In a kettle or saucepan, heat the amount of water you`ll need. Make sure that it heats to just under the boiling point between 190 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit so that the oils and flavor will be fully extracted from the coffee.

2) While the water is heating, pour the amount of coffee you`ll need into your coffee press. Use a tablespoon or coffee scoop to measure the right amount. Typically, experts recommend using a heaped tablespoon of coarse ground coffee for every five ounces of water, but if you want a stronger brew, you can use a bit more.

3) Slowly pour the hot water over the coffee grounds; filling the carafe according to the amount of coffee you`ll be drinking. If it`s a four-cup carafe and you want four cups of coffee, fill it to the highest level; if you want only two cups, then fill it halfway full.

4) After pouring the water, gently stir the mixture with a wooden spoon or a chopstick. Make sure it reaches to the bottom of the carafe to pull up all the grinds. Don`t use a metal utensil, as it could crack the glass.

5) Fit the lid/plunger on the top of the carafe, but don`t plunge it yet; first, let the coffee steep for around four minutes.

6) Gently push the plunger all the way down until it reaches the bottom of the carafe. If the plunger sticks, then don`t force it, as this could cause the glass to shatter or the scalding water to shoot out of the carafe. Instead, skim off some of the grinds with a spoon and try again until the plunger goes down easily.

7) Pour and enjoy!

It`s important to remember that all coffee presses are not alike. Although the design may seem utterly simple, some coffee presses are made with higher quality, thermal-tempered glass that`s more resistant to heat damage and everyday usage. Likewise, some coffee presses have hard plastic silver tone carafe tops, while others have heavy duty stainless steel and even copper tops.

The type of coffee press you choose should depend on how often you`ll use it, as well as your budget. If you won`t be using it for entertaining, you can get by just fine with a less expensive model, but if you`re planning to use it on the table after a dinner party, you may want to invest in an elegant copper-topped model. Generally speaking, as long as the lid is secure, the heat-tempered glass is durable and the strainer mechanism is well constructed, a less expensive coffee press should work as well as an expensive one.

Besides a coffee press, you could check out other equipment

If you`re looking at or other sources for equipment, you`re off to a good start, because when it comes to kitchen equipment, it pays to educate yourself. By doing a little online research, you`ll be able to better determine the type of equipment you want for your kitchen needs, whether you`re looking for a coffee press or a full scale espresso machine.

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Vote for Coffee Zone for Best Coffee in Columbia

The Best Coffee Shop In Columbia- Vote for the best coffee in Columbia

Alright Coffee Lovers! It’s that time of year again! Time to vote for the best of the best in Columbia Missouri. as most of us know where the best places in town are, there are some of us that need to be reminded. This year our local Coffee Zone is up for one of the categories. Number 21 in the survey is titled “best coffee house” and here are a few reasons you should vote for Coffee Zone.

Best Coffee Shop in Columbia Reasons

1. only coffee shop in town with 32 hookahs (at least)

2. Turkish Coffee is quite the experience. (you’ll feel like you’re in the Middle East)

3. The staff say “Wahalla halla halla”

4. The cold brew, vietnamese, and “The force” are some of the coffee drinks you can buy.

5. “The force” as listed above is known as “duck tape” to some of the staff.

Of the five reasons listed above I personally am a fan of number one. The very first time I went into the Coffee Zone I was told there was a large number of hookahs but I wasn’t sure how seroius that number was. It is a great conversation started among friends to say the least. I have enjoyed Coffee Zone’s coffee for the past 8 years and as always prefer small businesses instead of large corporation. Did I mention that Coffee Zone doesn’t burn their coffee either? It’s made fresh every day unlike some of their competitors on the same street. My personal favorite is the White Chocolate Mocha while I sit by the window and enjoy the good music and wireless internet.

Go Vote for the Coffee Zone as best coffee shop now!

So while the time is now to vote for the best coffee shop in Columbia, we invite you to always visit the best coffee shop in Columbia every day! Maybe even two or three times a day. The Coffee Zone staff is dedicated to serving you the Best Coffee In Columbia, Jefferson City, or anywhere else in the Mid-Missouri area.

It is without question that the experience at the Zone is comfortable, friendly, and enjoyable… it’s not question that the staff knows their product well and have been doing this for a very long time (notice that the staff rarely if ever turns over? I mean heck, Shella has been there for 18 years!) The customers are entertaining, the people watching is incredible and the house blend Rocket Fuel is enough to fly you to the Moon!

So whether you want a great cup of Joe or the best Mediterranean Food around, you can rely on the Coffee Zone to deliver. Try a latte or specialty espresso drink… enjoy some grilled pita with hummus…. listen to Bob Marley one minute and traditional Arabic music the next… sit under some beautiful Turkish Lamps, enjoy a warm setting with great food, amazing tunes, a wonderful staff, and a fun owner!

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coffee columbia mo

Inside the Coffee Zone

Coffee Columbia MO

There are three main accounts of where coffee first came from, but the constant in the stories are that it was first discovered in Ethiopia.  Depending on who you would give credit to is how the amazing caffeinated beverage  came about, but we do know that the first person to try it was sure to find it bitter.  Of the three main stories each had to decide how to eat or consume the coffee berry.  As the coffee bean is actually a seed inside the berry, it creates a very bitter flavor.  Being as this was in a region where food was scarce and each of the “fathers” of coffee were hungry, you can assume that they had to try it many different ways before coming to it in its oh so heavenly brew now.

Coffee Columbia MO

The first written transcripts about coffee consumption date back to the mid-1400′s.  Coffee had been discovered, the coffee tree was known to contain a “magical” fruit which could sustain hunger for days. It was around the 1550′s that java reached the Middle East which was well before it sprang upon Europe, Indonesia, and the Americas.  This wonderful seed was found best when dried by roasting.  It could be eaten this way or soaked in water like tea.  Of course it was most effective when ground, and mixed with a hot water. Coffee Columbia MO

The first civilization to truly have coffee as a drink, and where it is believed the spread of java came from is Mocha.  From Mocha coffee spread to Egypt and North Africa and then within 100 years reached the rest of the Middle East.  It was the Muslim world that spread coffee to the rest of the world, and the Arabs that started trading it.  Coffee Shops began to spring up, and with that came the Western Cultures desire to have the  drink themselves.  The Dutch were have found to been the ambassadors of the coffee trade and soon took the fruits to be traded in the East Indies and the Americas. Coffee Columbia MO

Coffee has been found to have many benefits. Among them the fact that you can remain alert by not having fatigue set in, and lethargy can be thwarted with enough of the brew. These two facts were enough that those who tasted the wonderful elixir were left wanting more.  It was in the late 1700′s that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church banned the brew and not until after 1850 that the ban started losing its hold and the people once again began enjoying the local favorite.

Coffee Columbia MO has found its way into our lives and has become a staple.  Actually, coffee is the second most traded commodity on the market next to oil.  The fact that coffee only grows in the coffee belt, a small area above and below the equator, has not slowed down the world’s dependence on its ever increasing popularity.

Rocket Fuel

Cup of Rocket Fuel

Coffee Columbia MO

Today the CoffeeZone brings that rich culture and history to the District in Columbia, MO. Being located downtown, the Zone is central to the cities need.  Holding true to the original roots of coffee, the Zone is as close to an authentic original coffee shop that you will get in the middle of Missouri.  The next time you visit the Zone, sit back, relax and try to imagine yourself in the middle of the desert enjoying one of the finer things that nature has to offer. It’s Coffee Columbia Mo the real way!

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Coffee and Online marathon Gaming

Coffee and computers have gone hand in hand for decades, and it’s no surprise that coffee and online games are the new favorite combo. Coffee has become a necessity in the new trend we’ve noticed of live feeds of online marathon gaming. In fact, streaming video of online marathon gaming is becoming so common that many of the people we’ve encountered that do this say they watch an average of 3 to 4 hours of gaming per month and play almost that much themselves a day.

Online gaming may seem like a waste of time to some, but to many people it’s a form of entertainment, an escape similar to Television, Movies, or books and it promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills. Coffee stimulates us, keeps us awake, and gives us a boost. If you plan on online marathon gaming, coffee may be your drink of choice.

Coffee random fact:

In some cases of ADHD, coffee is used in place of prescription medication to help the patient.

A great example of online marathon gaming locally is who had their last livestream on September 1st, 2012. They find that the people that watch their livestreams are doing so to get tips and clues, and to “be included” in a fun environment. They don’t script out what they’re doing at, instead they just go have fun and interact with each other like they normally would. Coffee may or may not play a part in their fun, but one thing is for sure 24 hours is a long time to stay awake if you don’t have coffee.

Coffee doesn’t just work for online marathon gaming, it is also a favorite of role playing gamers. Gamers of all types actually have been using coffee to stimulate their creativity, their awareness and stimulate enough to maintain long periods of time of gaming.

Parents, I know you may think that your kids are “wasting” time by gaming, but the fact is that gaming is a creative outlet, and the fact that many of them are able to do things like marathons proves they do have an attention span that can be used to increase their grades. While you rarely see espresso being served at a gaming function, or coffee shops full of wide-eyed gaming “geeks” trapped behind their computer, you do see them walking into the Coffee Zone to buy pounds of different types of coffee to add variety to their event while still keeping the stimulating effects of caffeine flowing.

The Coffee Zone does not endorse the over-indulgence of anything except coffee (this is a joke people, please don’t send me hate mail saying that I am pushing people to over-indulge, we are really responsible people, we love our customers, and would do almost anything for them… well, not anything but close, I mean if you need a bail bondsman we would send you to a reputable one, or if you needed your air ducts cleaned we know someone that does that, but we wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, and I know for a fact that it takes a lot of coffee to do harm and actually I don’t think the human body could take in that much coffee so anyway)… so please game in moderation! Maybe we’ll soon see a coffee bar at online gaming events, but for the time being I think we’ll just see the old standard coffee pot or french press… maybe some chocolate covered espresso beans or someone simply eating a spoonful of nescafe!

Just an FYI for down the road, if you’re thinking about having an online marathon gaming event, you might want to try to mix up the coffees that you offer. We could also suggest some Torani shots to add different flavors or some preparation techniques that will get your hardcore gaming buddies juiced in a fun and flavorful way. Coffee doesn’t need to be bland (though I drink Rocket Fuel without any additives) if you don’t want it to be. Add half and half for a rich flavor, add raw sugar for a delicious twist, and don’t forget to put Torani syrup shots in to add different flavors. Caramel and other flavors can really enhance the whole coffee experience.

Try to make sure to get some extra sleep before you go to an online marathon gaming event and take plenty of coffee with you. Also, don’t plan on driving soon afterward as you will need your sleep before operating heavy machinery. While we do make light of several situations, we are pretty serious about this one. Take the precautions necessary to be safe, enjoy yourself, and make sure those around you enjoy themselves as well.

If you would like tips or advice on putting on an online marathon gaming event contact Island of Gamers

Cool things that gamers are doing in the community

Coffee random fact:

when I was younger, my mother said coffee could put me to sleep where hot cocoa would get me hyper.

Coffee is great for staying awake but it also helps with other health benefits. Stay tuned to our blog to find out more of the positive things about coffee and more of what’s happening around you in Mid-Missouri that you may not have otherwise known about. The Coffee Zone’s “Coffee Chronicles” are sure to have something for everyone in them.

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Mediterranean Food

mediterranean-food-columbia-missouriI have spent years learning how to prepare Mediterranean Food.  It was actually embedded in my genetic code at birth.  My mother was a wonderful cook and so my training was not formal, nor was it much like training… it was merely helping “Mom” out around the house.  Sure I did all of the “boy things” that all of the neighborhood boys were doing as well, but I really enjoyed the food and how it was prepared.  There’s something about making Mediterranean food for people that really appreciate it… it’s a great feeling.

That feeling carried over on my travels around the world. I learned different techniques and preparations for the different styles of foods for the different regions of the world I visited.  Mediterranean Food turned into “World Food” and I began embracing it more and more.  A staple of my life was always coffee, and coffee didn’t seem like preparation to me at all… it actually seemed natural like breathing.  I didn’t learn the techniques for making coffee so much as I learned flavor profiles.

I started creating mixed specialty espresso drinks, with different flavor concepts so that anyone and everyone could enjoy the same thing I did.  It was in The United States that I got my first true taste of how amazing it was to be able to serve a line of people and have them all enjoy the product I put out.  San Fransisco was a great stepping stone for me but Columbia has become the place that I have truly gotten to showcase my talent and passion.

Mediterranean Food is as much about sharing culture as it is breaking bread.  When people try our Gyro or Felafel or any of our wonderful creations for the first time, we love the expressions on their face.  We love sharing the flavors with everyone and seeing the reactions.  That’s one of the reasons we walk around the Coffee Zone and let people sample new creations.  We love the feedback… and we look for that “WOW” face… if we don’t get it, we realize we need to put a little more effort into it before it becomes a regular menu item.

Mediterranean Food is as much a part of the Coffee Zone as coffee even though it’s not in the name.  We love and welcome feedback, so next time you’re in, please let us know what you think.  Or visit any of the review sites like Google, or Yelp, or Urban Spoon. We are hoping to be the best Mediterranean food restaurant in Columbia, MO.

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Coffee & BBQ Sauce

Coffee and BBQ are two of my favorite things and I have always wanted to add them together.  Now that I have successfully done so I wanted to let you know how to do it.  First pick your favorite coffee and favorite BBQ sauce.  In my situation I actually use a sauce from Beast Bros Q that is perfect to pair with my favorite coffee… ROCKET FUEL!!!  What I’ve done so far is pretty simple actually.

Coffee & BBQ Sauce

1.  Brew up a STRONG batch of Rocket Fuel.  I personally like to use a coffee press, and if you don’t have one you can pick one up at the Coffee Zone in downtown Columbia next time you’re in.

2.  Get about 3/4 or a quart of the sweet sauce

3. Boil down the made coffee so that it actually does loose some of the water and is almost like a coffeeconcentrate.  Be careful not to burn the coffee though as it will give off that burn flavor.  You’ll really want to get this down about half way if possible, and make the brew thick.

4.  Warm up the BBQ sauce to make it more manageable… Beast Bros Q sauce is very thick which is why we all love it.

5. Combine your thick Rocket Fuel Coffee with the BeastBQ sauce, stir in well and let sit to mingle the flavors.  This will actually give you a nice hint of coffee with the sweet of the BBQ sauce.

Coffee & BBQ Sauce

Make yourself a nice batch of Rocket Fuel to drink too and if you have a gallon jug or something you can do a large amount at a time, make the coffee, add half and half and sugar to taste and let chill in the fridge for a nice complimentary drink for your <BBQ.  It’s one of those great summer time moments that you’ll turn into a tradition.  Having some Iced Coffee is a great switch from the normal Iced tea or lemonade that many people traditionally think of when having a BBQ brew… but when you have the “Black Jack” BBQ sauce with your iced Rocket Fuel, you are going to be glad you read this post! This is a great Coffee & BBQ Sauce.

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Coffee Shops in Columbia Missouri

Coffee Shops that are worth making your destination.

Coffee shops like The Coffee Zone are difficult to come by.  The right ambiance, music, lighting, food and of course coffee… what would coffee shops be without great coffee?

Coffee Shops Columbia Missouri When looking at the history of coffee shops it is likely that many might believe The Coffee Zone in Columbia, MO was destined for longevity.

Coffee Shops in Columbia Missouri

According to an entry on “A coffeehouse or coffee shop is an establishment which primarily serves prepared coffee or other hot beverages.”

It is believed that the first coffeehouse in Istanbul was started around the year 962 which soon spread throughout the Middle East.  Thankfully, the Middle East brought their coffee shops to the United States for us to enjoy them.

The Coffee Zone is obviously birthed from the absolute origins of coffee shops as seen in this spectacular coffee shop design.  The photos on the wall, the rugs, even the lighting allow visitors a taste of the Middle East. Rarely do you see coffee shops interiors this nice and inviting which is obvious if you look at pictures of coffee shops around the country.

In most coffee shops the  menus showcase specialty coffees and assorted flavors just like the Coffee Zone, but what these other coffee shops fail to do is bring food as good as you can find in The Coffee Zone.  Experience this for yourself in downtown Columbia, MO.

or check out their menu before coming in


Coffee Shops in Columbia Missouri

Among all of the coffee shops near me, I find that The Coffee Zone has just about everything I am looking for.  Great food, atmosphere, personalities from an amazing staff, true Mediterranean art and decor and of course the absolute best coffee around. Coffee shops with this much personality are hard to say no to.

Whether you live in Columbia, MO or are just visiting, many locals will tell you a “must” destination is The Coffee Zone which has been a tradition since 1994. Coffee shops may not always be on your radar, but the Coffee Zone is so much more than most coffee shops.

Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM and Sunday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM and one of the only coffee shops in Columbia to be open most holidays.

Coffee Zone

11 North 9th Street


(573) 449-8215

Coffee Shops in Columbia Missouri

or online at:

Monday: 6:30 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday: 6:30 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday: 6:30 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday: 6:30 am – 9:00 pm
Friday: 6:30 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday: 6:30 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

Referenced Article: Coffeehouse in Wikipedia






  Coffee Shops in Columbia Missouri, or rather the only one… the Coffee Zone!

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Welcome to the best Coffee Shop in Columbia, MO (as surveyed through customers of the Coffee Zone inside the Coffee Zone during peak hours at the Coffee Zone)… we pride ourselves on making one amazing cup of Joe, and our espresso drinks are Ah-Mazing!

While we realize you can go anywhere you’d like to get a standard cup of coffee, we hope that you’ll try the Coffee Zone at least once to see why we’re different.  We take pride in every drop of coffee served in the Coffee Zone.  Our equipment is regularly maintained to ensure the highest quality possible, our baristas are trained to pour, brew, and present correctly.  And our coffee is specifically blended for us and to the standard that has allowed the Coffee Zone to be the best coffee shop in Columbia, MO (remember according to our own survey) for 17 years.

The Best Coffee Shop in Columbia, MO (I know, I know, I’m getting a little out of hand with it now!!!) also has the best hummus (not just our opinion), gyros, and other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food.  Columbia, MO has many choices, and we encourage you to find the location that best suits you, but if you look at the Coffee Zone in Columbia, you will see that every little detail prepares you for a wonderfully smooth and rich blend.

If you want a cafe that serves you colored water that they can almost not legally call coffee then try another spot because the best cup of coffee in Columbia (hehehehe one last time, it’s from a survey we did in our shop) is right here at the Coffee Zone.  As you can tell in the picture, the Coffee Zone is a VERY popular spot!

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Columbia MO Coffee

Columbia MO Coffee Drinkers!!!  Good morning, afternoon or night, and welcome to The Coffee Zone. Why choose the Coffee Zone in Columbia, MO over other options?  Because you get great foods, coffees, drinks and deserts; there is nothing like walking into the Coffee Zone and trying to figure out what to eat.  Enjoy your favorite blend of coffee and a scone, or maybe you like a cold-brew and some hummus.  How about eating some Gyros and having a frozen granita!

Coffee isn’t the only thing at the Coffee Zone, we are a full-service restaurant with some of the best Middle-Eastern or Mediterranean food in the area.  Coffee seems to compliment this style of food so much that we like to say we’re a coffee house with a food problem… or is it a restaurant with a coffee problem?  Either way, The Coffee Zone isn’t your ordinary coffee shop.

Columbia MO Coffee Drinkers have a lot of choices for coffee.  You can choose national brands or local shops (like the Coffee Zone) and you’re sure to get a treat either way.  But the reason you should choose the Coffee Zone when you are in Columbia, MO is because of the ambiance, the quality, the friendly staff, and the FOOD!

Enjoy the best Columbia MO Coffee has to offer by visiting the Coffee Zone at 11 North 9th Street in the District and you won’t be sorry.

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