The Coffee Zone is dedicated to bringing you quality coffee, specialty drinks, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.
Coffee Zone Columbia MO

Welcome to The Coffee Zone

Coffee is simply our favorite beverage. We love the stuff! In fact, we love the stuff so much that we opened a Coffee Shop 18 years ago in Downtown Columbia, Missouri just so we could be around it day-in and day-out. Of course we've added food along the way and some of the most incredible soup in town, but if you're visiting us on our website, you're probably interested in coffee.... and most specifically our house blend of Rocket Fuel. We love the fact that the last 18 years we have met so many wonderful people and it's always great when those that leave come back to visit. In the hopes of keeping in contact with all of our friends that have left, we have decided to start offering our coffee online. You'll be able to order pounds of coffee right here and enjoy that deep, dark, rich brew just like you had during finals week!


With over 20 flavors of coffee by the pound, you are sure to find what you are looking for. The Coffee Zone takes great pride in the quality of coffee it sells and invites you to come in to purchase a pound, or [coming soon] order a pound online.


Whether you want to call it Middle Eastern or Mediterranean cuisine, you will call it delicious! Grab some bagels, munchies, or treats... Mediterranean dishes and Salads... or even wraps & sandwiches all at one great location! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and breaks in between have never been easier.

Large Orders

No matter if you\'re wanting to serve 5 or 500, serve food or just coffee, the Coffee Zone can help. Order in bulk and save... we can even help you decide on your menu. Appetizers, meals, coffee... just let us know what you need and when you need it. While we do not currently offer full catering services, we do make delivery options available for large orders and of course pick-up is always an option.